All For Nothing

If you or someone you know who is caring for someone with severe depression or struggling with mental issues, or caring for a parent showing signs of Alzheimer’s disease/dementia, these three things could save you a ton of added stress.

This Could Be the Push They Needed

Did you know that this child’s investment account can also be a double-edged sword? Throwing some money in an UTMA is a great birthday gift for a little one, but be aware that of it’s potential side affects.

The Worst Thing You Can Do to Your Loved Ones

Failing to create an estate plan can be the worst thing you can do to your loved ones. Without a clear plan in place, your assets may be distributed in ways you never intended, causing unnecessary stress and conflict among your family.

This post discusses the importance of estate planning, addressing common misconceptions people have.

The Secret

Today’s special guest post is brought to you by my colleague, and friend, Ben Coulthard. Ben is one of the most welcoming, charismatic, and team-first advisors that I can think of. Ben – starting only a few months before me but lightyears ahead of me in so many ways – was (and still is) instrumental…

Season 22: Episode 10, Survivor’s Manual

Do you remember when we would all watch the same shows on cable?  Sure, you can go back to when TV had like three channels, but at least for me, my memory goes back to the first episodes of American Idol. How first, we’d all catch up over last night’s episode before resuming whatever side…