Is This Rock Bottom?

This short explores the idea that pessimism can be a precursor to optimism. It’s not that we hope for the worse. It’s just that we may have a tendency to look at the darker side of life.

What Have We Learned?

Some people are born into it. Others stumble upon it. The rest of us need to work to create wealth ourselves. But our decisions, and more importantly, our reactions, have a butterfly effect on what our story becomes.

Don’t Bet The House

Despite the fact that home values have seen a significant facelift, before you bet the house, consider these options before borrowing on that newfound wealth.

The Big Race

If you are in a high tax bracket, and this is not standard practice for you, you’ve already lost the race. 

The Old College Try

For college students, after four years of cramming, part-time jobs, and some nights that are probably best lost to the sands of time, there’s nothing sweeter than turning in that last assignment. Knowing by next week, it didn’t really matter, you’ll be a real adult. It’s graduation day. You only get four tickets for friends…