U.S. Credit Downgrade Part 2

Even though the credit downgrade and the current economic situation might make us wonder, looking at past experiences and what the experts are saying, it seems like we’re handling it pretty well.

How A Notebook Held Up in Court: A Holographic Will

Holographic Will - Estate Planning

I’m going to cut to the chase.  In my quest to bring more awareness to legacy planning to Gen Zers and Millenials, I’ve written about two notable cases of extreme wealth, notoriety, and a lack of a solid estate plan—here and here.  Today, I’ll showcase another interesting story circulating in the estate planning world regarding…

How Will I Know…

It goes without saying that not all of my client meetings are a delight where I get to tell clients how wrong pundits were about the economy. Or pointing out how much Nvidia and Microsoft they own in their portfolio.  Occasionally these talks are grim and can be uncomfortable. To show you what I mean,…

Something to Stress About

Ho Chi Minh is 11 hours ahead—an entire ocean and two plane rides from New York City. Yet, occasionally, in Vietnam for work/fun (I can’t tell these days), my older brother gets up earlier than he normally would to call me after I get home from work. Maybe he calls just to keep a pulse…

The Ugliest Sunset I’ve Ever Seen

In the article, I’ll attempt to answer why it’s important to plan for this ugly Sunset, the solutions the wealthy are using today to shield as much of their assets from this tax as possible, and why it’s crucial to act sooner than later. 

All For Nothing

If you or someone you know who is caring for someone with severe depression or struggling with mental issues, or caring for a parent showing signs of Alzheimer’s disease/dementia, these three things could save you a ton of added stress.

This Could Be the Push They Needed

Did you know that this child’s investment account can also be a double-edged sword? Throwing some money in an UTMA is a great birthday gift for a little one, but be aware that of it’s potential side affects.

The Worst Thing You Can Do to Your Loved Ones

Failing to create an estate plan can be the worst thing you can do to your loved ones. Without a clear plan in place, your assets may be distributed in ways you never intended, causing unnecessary stress and conflict among your family.

This post discusses the importance of estate planning, addressing common misconceptions people have.