About Cameron

My name is Cameron Rufus and I am a Financial Planner here at Ritholtz and the author of Wealth Found Me.

I can’t say I always knew I wanted to be a financial advisor when I grow up. However, ever since I learned the meaning of the profession, I knew what I wanted to do with my life.

Is that so? We’ll get here in a moment.

Although I was born in Connecticut, growing up I knew very little about the Northeast. I’ll always remember being 8-years old, fanaticizing about what it would be like to live in The New York City!

To spare you the details, I grew up with my makeshift of a family – which consisted of my grandmother, my aunt and her husband, their two kids, my older brother, and various family members over time – in a little 10,000-person town in southern Alabama. But, outside of my makeshift family’s annual trip to Connecticut, I only knew the South.

We lived there for more than 10 years before some unfortunate and unforeseen circumstances occurred that prompted us to leave Alabama. I haven’t been back since, but a large part of my childhood will always be a vibrant, earthy, green color. The color of the towering cornstalks in our backyard every summer.

From there we moved north to a much bigger town in Georgia, about 20 miles away from Atlanta. I started high school here, played basketball every chance I could, and got my first taste of middle-class life. But for me, a bigger city just meant more ways for me to find trouble – and I did. And although I was only there for two years, I made some great friends that I still speak with to this day. My Georgia days were bittersweet, to say the least. I was only there for a short time in my life, but I really did gain so much perspective on life in those 700 days.

During the summer of my sophomore year going into junior year of high school, I moved very far north, to a suburban town in Columbus, Ohio. Once again, I was the new kid. And at this point in your high school career, every already has their cliques, their reputations, their best friends since elementary school. Most days, my mindset was, “let me just do my time and get out of here, like everyone else.” But Ohio was really good to me. It gave me an even fresher start, more perspective (especially seeing what a completely different racial and socioeconomic environment values), and eventually, a college degree.

Although all the colleges I really wanted to go to were in New York, tuition demanded I stay local. So, for four years I went to a school in the windy Northwest corner of Ohio named Bowling Green State University. I majored in Finance and Insurance, and I was fairly active on and off-campus – President of an organization, worked odd jobs, took on different internships while studying, and looking to make a name for myself. I even started a financial blog in college, called Wealth Found Me. In all, college gave me experiences that I am more than certain I wouldn’t be where I am today without them.

All this brings us to today. Today, I live in the New York City metro area, doing exactly what I knew I would someday be doing; helping families, individuals, new and seasoned investors, not only manage their wealth but see their dreams come to fruition.

The title of this blog is Wealth Found Me because despite the uphill battles life has given me, I can’t explain how or why I ended up where I am today. Although my life’s story is not extraordinarily uncommon, I hope to impart some of my life’s lessons combined with my professional education through these articles. From this blog, you can expect to read stories of me navigating life as a young advisor from stories of my upbringing, current events, and things I am learning through my everyday practice.

Thank you for reading. I hope you find this information useful in your own life or in the life of someone you care about.