The Old College Try

For college students, after four years of cramming, part-time jobs, and some nights that are probably best lost to the sands of time, there’s nothing sweeter than turning in that last assignment. Knowing by next week, it didn’t really matter, you’ll be a real adult. It’s graduation day. You only get four tickets for friends…

Lessons Learned from the Bar

Unless you leave a lasting impression on me, I won’t remember your name. That’s just the honest-to-God truth.

Let me tell you this story of three very interesting people who did happen to leave a lasting impression on me.

The Fine Line Between Contentment and Ambition

I listen to music every day of my life. A while back, I was in a (self-inflicted) situation and that resulted in me losing one of my favorite tangible things in the world. My Studio3 Beats by Dre headphones. Their music quality and noise-canceling feature are still by far incomparable to their competition. Really they…

Metaverse Explained

Here are the basics you need to understand about the Metaverse; what it is, where it is, and why real money is going toward fake land and property?

If You See This Headline … Run!

“You idiot! Why would you run that play? You know it doesn’t work. Anyone could have told you that!” It’s so easy to say you knew exactly what to do after the fact.  That is such hindsight bias. The problem is, hindsight bias also promotes this concept called the armchair quarterback syndrome. This is, as…

Are You On The Placebo?

People want to feel that what they are doing, or paying someone to do, is more sophisticated than the average schmuck. But that’s the problem. Most people don’t need complexity. Do you know what they need?