Behavioral Finance/Psychology

All For Nothing

If you or someone you know who is caring for someone with severe depression or struggling with mental issues, or caring for a parent showing signs of Alzheimer’s disease/dementia, these three things could save you a ton of added stress.

This Could Be the Push They Needed

Did you know that this child’s investment account can also be a double-edged sword? Throwing some money in an UTMA is a great birthday gift for a little one, but be aware that of it’s potential side affects.

The Secret

Today’s special guest post is brought to you by my colleague, and friend, Ben Coulthard. Ben is one of the most welcoming, charismatic, and team-first advisors that I can think of. Ben – starting only a few months before me but lightyears ahead of me in so many ways – was (and still is) instrumental…

Is This Rock Bottom?

This short explores the idea that pessimism can be a precursor to optimism. It’s not that we hope for the worse. It’s just that we may have a tendency to look at the darker side of life.

What Have We Learned?

Some people are born into it. Others stumble upon it. The rest of us need to work to create wealth ourselves. But our decisions, and more importantly, our reactions, have a butterfly effect on what our story becomes.

Are You On The Placebo?

People want to feel that what they are doing, or paying someone to do, is more sophisticated than the average schmuck. But that’s the problem. Most people don’t need complexity. Do you know what they need?

Four Things That Will Keep You Out of the Stock Market

Do you feel like the market is going to tip over any day now? The recent volatility is just the first telltale sign, right? But, the grass is always greener on the other side. Isn’t it? It’s so easy to look at what we don’t have, or what we wish we had, and fantasize about…

The Frugal Mentality vs. Abundance Mindset

What is the recipe for becoming wealthy? It may be as simple as spending less than what we earn, or increasing our income. That works, sure. But digging in a little further, there are a couple of different ideologies that many young people are flocking to help build wealth: Minimalist lifestyles, and abundance mindsets. The…